John Biehler

One and One

Sports photography has long been the outlet to relive defining moments that come from a game. The intensity, the sweat, and emotions are what captivate the atmosphere that college athletics provides to fans. Throughout the last two years I have had the opportunity to photograph Kansas basketball for the University Daily Kansan. My passion for sports photography presented me with opportunities that I never would have imagined doing when I enrolled here.

One and One is a small selection out of several thousand photographs from the most recent men’s basketball season at the University of Kansas. Throughout the season it was my goal to focus on the highpoints and low points of the season, making emotional moments a priority. I like to think about this project and work as a one and one free throw - in order to get to the second foul shot, you have to make the first. In other words, photographing these games was my first chance at getting involved with media work at this level and now I know that I have the experience to move into the next chapter of my photographic career. Basketball is a staple at Kansas, so being able to provide my viewers with a new perspective of this game is something that I will always value. When watching these games in person or on television, these detailed moments of emotion, exhaustion and physical exertion are often lost, but my photographs work to preserve them. Photographing these games allowed me to connect my vision with the viewer and the athlete with the atmosphere.