Robert Favela

Aging but Unforgotten Faith

Aging but Unforgotten Faith is an evolution of my attempt to produce genuine religious imagery that speaks of my walk with God. The Midwest has been my home for five years and for a big part of the f irst two years I was looking for churches that fit my family’s Sunday morning ritual of hearing a message, worship, and prayer. Similarly, as I attempted to produce photographs about my faith, it was hard to find the right location and idea. That was until I gained an interest in abandoned buildings that maintain their strong presence and beauty in spite of lack of use. Churches were my favorite to examine, as I connected with them as stand-ins for my neglected faith. They were easy to pass by on busy days with little thought, but also difficult to ever ignore. I treated my faith and relationship with God like that for a while, like an abandoned church waiting to be used properly again.

Entering the empty church on the outskirts of a rural town felt like the moment three years ago when I found a church that I could worship in with my family. It sparked a moment of clarity and a necessary conversation with the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit that made this church an important find for my journey. It allowed a direct engagement with my faith with no distractions, just me and God.

This faith-based photographic exploration serves as a spiritual and religious personal journey, delving into the specific path of my own faith, uncovering layers that have been overlooked or faded with time, and giving them new life.