Madeline Manning


The lives recorded in Await are small. They are the lives of those who will not be remembered tomorrow and they await the moment the earth will no longer be. Await is a collection of people waiting for their death as film stills. The photographs are accompanied by a short film while Clair de Lune, the song that inspired the film, plays. In the film and corresponding photographs, some embrace their lover, tracing the wrinkles on their skin that will soon disappear. Those who are not ready weep in their car, listening to the deafening silence. Tears stain cheeks, wine bottles are emptied, and partners enjoy their last dance.  Some race one another outside to view the clouded skies, just like how I imagine my father would run to watch a tornado. 

 I have always struggled to come to terms with change. I mourn the lives I once had. In a few months, I will be graduating, moving to a new city, and leaving my family, and Await was created to illustrate my fear of change. While taking these images of my friends and family, I imagined, to be quite frank, all of them actually dying. To me, change feels the same as dying. I hold grief from losing family members, I fear leaving my entire life behind, and I mourn the change that is inevitable. Await is a depiction of impending loss to bury my grief.