Francisco Diaz

Stream of Consciousness

A stream that doesn’t stop; constantly running through my mind. Living through everyday experiences; the surreal and the mundane. The moments that feel special on a regular day. I’m sitting in the living room surrounded by my family. My sisters and parents present, and we’re all watching TV on a Sunday afternoon. I’m hanging out with my friends and not coming back home till the A.M. We’re all drunk and none of us should be driving, but we all make it home in a blur. I find my significant other working at a Hyvee. Working because reckless times have consequences, but they turn to blessings with a flash of her smile.

It’s the small details that make their way into my photos. I have photographed the people present in my life as well as places we’ve shared memories. I also photographed myself along with my family in the intimate space of my living room. In post production, I edited and mixed different photos together. I experimented with color, light, light drawings, and collage. After this process, those photographs taken in the living room are rephotographed and displayed on the television screen, a device that represents the notion of being watched.

People have grown accustomed to spending large amounts of time in front of screens, and technology has advanced to the point it picks up on our interests, likes, and personality.  Screens almost seem to reflect who we are. So much of a person’s life is monitored through these devices. Algorithms are made specifically for  each and every person. It’s almost as if the screen is watching back and able to predict our stream of consciousness. Streaming contents feel like a parallel to us replaying memories in our minds. I created a video to go along with the series of photographs that represents this concept. The video displays me watching TV with life seemingly revolving around the screen.